2018 Client Comments
Everyone was very warm and helpful. Made me feel very comfortable.
They were very helpful and supportive.
They take the time to get to know me and my thoughts about my baby.
Very welcoming & easy to talk to
The staff was very nice and helpful
How everyone was so friendly and helpful. Answered all of my questions with no problem.
Friendliness, caring, welcoming
Their respectful
Everything, I felt welcomed and cared for. Made me less nervous.
The service & help & staff. I loved the experience & help they provided.
The staff.
Very warm; comforting; welcome gift; helpful!
I love how kind and warm you guys are, you guys made me feel happy.
Very nice and generous conversation
Very welcoming and caring; quiet.
The friendliness of the people there.
How friendly everyone is and all the info provided.
I like the environment & the people they are all so nice & welcoming.
Made me feel very comfortable.
The staff really care.
Very warm and comfortable
Class options, Friendly staff.
Friendly staff
Everyone's very friendly!
How open everyone is. How easy it was to talk to them.
Staff nice useful information.
How helpful & nice everyone was, no one was judgemental.
Clean, nice and comfortable. Thanks for everything 🙂
Friendliness, care, assistance
Nice women, very helpful, nice to talk to.
The doctor was very helpful and respectful.
One-on-one convo
How nice and genuine everyone was, very informative!
The atmosphere & care received.
Everyone is very sweet and has open ears to hear what you have to say and you can cry and not worry.
I came in with worry and no information and am leaving with less worry and more information.
They talked about all options and felt no pressure in a decision today. No problem, service is great.
The information was very helpful.
The environment created here is really comfortable and relaxed.
Everyone was very welcoming and caring. Everyone/thing was amazing. Thank you all so much!
They're very kind and informative.
Warming environment.
Kindness & assistance.
Very private & respectful.
Very clean & organized facility. Great staff. Wonderful program. Warm and welcoming staff.
Support & non-judgemental, felt comfortable.
First time here
Super friendly & genuine.
Liked their helpfulness.
Super friendly & helpful.
Quiet atmosphere. Beautiful décor, comfortable. Nice staff.
The environment & people who work here.
How friendly everyone is.
Very helpful and welcoming.
My counselor was very helpful. Starting to love it.
Very friendly.
The people have been through "life". I'm able to connnect with them.
The people and how helpful they were
I loved the staff and how caring they were. How they gave all the information I needed and answered all my questions.
The counselor seemed very interested in helping me today. She was very respectful.
Helpful and understanding staff. Helpful services for parents!
They are very helpful & kind & respectful.
Nice friendly people.
The fact that the people here are volunteers and put in such time.
They were very helpful.
Friendly staff
Staff very friendly and helpful.
You always come in to a smile, very warm and welcoming.
Comfortable & happy people.
Very friendly staff, location, fast results, warm helpful environment.
The people are very helpful and friendly. Everything.
The atmosphere when I walked in. Along with everyone being very friendly.
I feel like they really cared and are here for me.
How friendly and caring the staff is.
How quick it was but yet no feeling of being rushed. Nice people very informative.
Kelly was friendly and good with my children. She was very helpful.
How informative & inviting the staff made me feel.
A lot of information and kind people.
Very welcoming and they give a gift as a congratulations. Also gave me pull ups & wipes for other daughter, very appreciated.
I believe that it's very helpful because any person who's pregnant would be scared but, here at A New Generation, it's an actual comfortable place that helps you become knowledgeable of things involving pregnancy & if you don't have any baby supplies, I know that people donate things here so "A New Generation" is a warming place to be.
Very respectful and helpful. Provided great information.
They are welcoming and full of information.
They are very interactive and helpful.
It's very nice and great people.
Being able to come into a nice warm environment and receive proof of pregnancy.
The interest in what's best for me.
Every single thing I would not even be able to pick one thing.
The kind & helpful staff.
Very friendly and inviting!
They always offer helpful friendly services.
So sweet! Everyone was very respectful & such genuine people.
Warm welcome & timely manner to accommodations.
Very kind and very helpful information. I never felt uncomfortable at any time during my visit.
The friendly environment. Everyone very nice!
Friendly & fast
Everyone is very nice and respectful.
Very friendly & helpful.
Very nice staff.
Very friendly & helpful.
The way they receive clients.
I felt no pressure at any time. Both me and my children were treated nicely.
Greetings are friendly.
The whole experience felt very comfortable.
The welcoming staff.
The comfort.
Very helpful, friendly, kind and caring.
How caring and understanding the staff is.
Very personable.
Very helpful and interested in my pregnancy.
Friendly and timely.
The staff is amazing!
Very friendly & approachable. They help you in every process that we need. Good advices & programs.
The staff was very caring and supportive.
Staff very friendly 🙂
I can get info on a lot of things that need to be worked on.
Friendly / Kind
1 on 1 counseling
The people are very helpful and kind.
They're very understanding and really care.
They were very helpful & friendly.
friendly, informative, caring
They were very helpful.
Very comfortable, peaceful and staff are great!
help make you feel like everything is gonna be ok
Atmosphere, understanding of my situation, and options I was informed of.
The staff seem very caring and helpful. The visit felt very private.
How friendly everyone was. Everyone was very respectful and friendly.
Respectful, confidential and very very helpful!
Talked to warmly, happy people, options for classes, ultrasound option.
The staff is very friendly and were very inviting.
All of the positivity within the staff!
The environment
How open, friendly and warm the environment was.
Friendly, nice, quiet place
Very caring and compassionate, felt comfortable the whole time, very quick, and a lot of helpful and valuable information!
How comfortable Karen made me feel.
Kind, helpful
Everyone was very nice & friendly. The décor was very homey & comfortable!
All the information provided to me.

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